How to Introduce Time Tracking Software and Avoid Discouraging Your Employees - 5 Tips and Considerations

Employee productivity is one of the most significant contributors to a company’s growth and development. Still, many companies fail to achieve that. Many employees tend to lose precious time and energy on tasks that don’t actually contribute to growth. Accordingly, companies should start thinking about applying time tracking software solutions.

Employee tracking software is a very useful tool to encourage productivity. Time tracking tools can help capture up to $666,400.00 in yearly wages lost to unproductivity. But due to bad company culture, time tracking apps can become a tool to micromanage workers, a practice proven unhealthy for employees.

So despite the possible pushback, why are employee time tracking software or time tracking methods important for companies? How can company leaders properly integrate it to make sure that the employees do not feel micromanaged?

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Why Does Time Tracking Help Employees?

Did you know that time tracking software isn’t just for the company’s benefit? It’s good for employees too. Here are some of the significant benefits of time tracking tools to employees.


Studies show that multitasking lowers productivity by up to 40%. By setting up time tracking protocols, managers inspire employees to focus. Distractions like social media or non-work-related internet browsing are the notorious enemies of work productivity.


Excellent time tracking methods can actually build trust. The foundation of healthy and enjoyable company culture is trust. Employee time tracking software helps protect the company by inspiring transparency.
Performance — Imagine what it would be like if employees embraced time tracking methods wholeheartedly. It will not just improve individual and team productivity but also bring the company to a whole new level.


Imagine what it would be like if employees embraced time tracking methods wholeheartedly. It will not just improve individual and team productivity but also bring the company to a whole new level.

How to Get Active Support From Employees

Whether you are a micromanager or not, you still hope to get active support from employees by showing them how it would benefit them instead of just telling them how it would benefit the company. This is a simple step to help employees embrace time tracking policies wholeheartedly.

Here are some practical and proven tips for cultivating employee active support when integrating or reinforcing employee time tracking software.

Choose an Employee-friendly Software

Before choosing from a list of time tracking software available to companies today, prioritize the ease of using the employee time tracking software. Choosing an employee time tracking software that is user-friendly to your employees would help remove some of the friction of integrating this system into their daily work rhythm. Just like how choosing the right CRM tools would improve customer relationships, so would choosing the right time tracking methods encourage employees to embrace this change.

Stop Micromanaging!

As obvious as it may sound, there are still managers who say one thing but mean a totally different thing altogether. Professionals are smart enough to know when managers are micromanaging them. The moment managers make the first step to micromanagement, they would already feel the need to leave or escape their manipulations.

Celebrate Compliance

Positive reinforcement is an effective way to communicate the value of time tracking. Giving small incentives to compliance are small wins that will result in bigger wins when given enough time. Celebrating your employee’s compliance can come in a form of a monetary incentive, a recognition, or a simple token of appreciation. Remember that small gestures of commendation go a long way.

Include It in the Employee Evaluation

Another effective step to cultivating strong employee support when integrating time tracking software is to include it in evaluations. Employees start to question the existence of policies or tools when they do not see their benefits or usages. Including it in the performance evaluation will help employees support the time tracking methods that you will implement in your company.

Be the Example

After you choose the best time tracking app that fits your needs best, it is now time for the leadership team of the company to promote its value through active participation. Leaders who lead by example help employees embrace changes and transitions—especially if the change involves their daily work rhythm.

Aside from incentives, recognition, and easy-to-use employee time tracking software, nothing is more inspiring for employees to comply than a leader or a manager who also complies. As employees see that everyone, even managers and other high positions in the company, joins them in the transition, it will help increase employee confidence in the policy that will eventually benefit the whole company.

Aim for Total Compliance

For solutions like time tracking software, full compliance should always be the goal because we tend to relax too much and wonder why we are not able to go where we want to be. As the company strives to reach 100% compliance, it will eventually experience a new level of growth and productivity that will benefit the employees and take a step closer to fulfilling its vision as an organization.